Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Choose an Arachnid Electronic Dartboard

When setting up the perfect man cave or den, there are a few key objects needed throughout the room. One such object is a dart board. You don't need to spend a lot of money on the dart board, and although there are several different options available, one of the best is an Arachnid electronic dartboard. This device provides you with many additional features which aren't available on the standard bristle dartboards. The Arachnid electronic dartboard is designed to make your life far easier while playing darts, as you don't want to be running around, keeping track of scores.

For starters, the main advantage of the Arachnid electronic dartboard, as is the case with other electronic boards, is the fact that it keeps track of the scores for you. You simply program the electronic dartboard with the number of plays you wish to go with, and the internal hardware does the rest. Every time a dart strikes the board, it automatically keeps track of this score. This way, no matter what game you are playing, it is able to monitor your score. On top of this, there are many different game settings inside the electronic dartboard, so regardless of the style or gameplay you enjoy, there is the perfect game for you and it monitors all the scoring so you know exactly where you stand, without having to count or mark it up with chalk next to the board (which you are used to when playing at a bar or other location). When it comes down to the winner, it notifies you of which player just won and what scores you still need in order to win the game.

The Arachnid darts are a bit different from the standard darts you might find on a different dart board. These darts don't have the thin, metal point on the front. Because the dart board is made up of small openings made around a plastic, mesh frame, the dart must be able to stick inside of the opening. Because of this, the tip is a bit larger than what you find bristle dartboard. You don't need to worry about the Arachnid darts falling out of the board, however. The way the plastic mesh is designed, it actually funnels the dart into one of the openings, as the opening at the top is larger than what it is at the bottom. This way, the dart actually sticks right in, without any damage to the dart itself. So, no matter how often you play, you don't need to worry about the darts becoming dull or damaged.

If you are shopping for a brand new dart board, you might want to go with the electronic version of the board. These boards allow you to monitor the score, without counting up the scores, as this often takes a good amount of time away from the game as the scores are added up.


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  2. Dart board and the most popular one is known as ‘301’. In this version, 2 players start at same time with 301 points. Target is to reach zero points before the other player. Each player starts with 3 darts and this score is deducted from previous efforts.